Força Real

By the botanical trail– Millas At the discretion of a botanical trail, no need to go very high and hike for hours to get an overview of the whole department! 1h20 / 3,4 km


Le Train Jaune

La Cabanasse – Sauto – Planès – Fontpédrouse This itinerary with varied landscapes offers to combine travel by Yellow Train, walking and swimming in Saint-Thomas-les-Bains. 4h30 / 10,5 km


Notre-Dame du Château d’Ultrera

Sorède Discovering the hermitage of N.-D. Castle and the ruins of Casteil d’Ultrera. A magnificent panorama awaits you at the top. 3 h / 8,5 km

Hauts de Collioure

Les Hauts de Collioure

Collioure- Port-Vendres Gateway to the assault of a vineyard in terraces, between beautiful stones and scrubland, with the Big Blue at our feet … 3 h / 10 km


Le Puig Neulós

L’Albère – Laroque-des-Albères An easy hike to discover, from the roof of the Albères, one of the most beautiful panoramas of France. 1h30 / 6 km


Le dolmen de Na Cristiana

L’Albère This hike offers you a trip to the heart of the Albère, its cork oaks, its history and its secrets. From dolmens to orris, between Pyrenees and Mediterranean. 3 h / 6 km


La Massane

Argelès-sur-Mer A « classical » hiking in the Pyrénées.-Orientales. The circuit, very pleasant, offers magnificent points of view crowned at the top by an exceptional panorama on the Vermillion coast. 5h45 / 14 km


Le sentier littoral

Argelès-sur-Mer – Collioure – Port-Vendres Between the Racou (municipality d’Argelès-sur-Mer), Collioure and Port-Vendres, from preserved creeks to fortified cities, the coastal path leads to the discovery of the Vermeille coast. 3 h / 10 km